Gordo Throw is King Dedede's new side special in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U replacing Waddle Dee Toss.


The attack has rather slow startup but, the Gordo has excellent knockback, making a solid zoning tool. It can get stuck in walls occasionally acting as an edge guard or something to combo into. The move can be angled if the control stick is held up or down when performing the move with it going high if held up and farther if held down.


The move originates from Dedede's original side special which caused him to throw Waddle Dees and rarely a Gordo. Since the Gordo was the most effective and the Waddle Dees were near useless, they simplified it down to just the Gordo.


The move has two alternate forms of the move to be unlocked. They are:

  • Topspin Gordo - This causes the Gordo to launch forward suddenly after the first bounce. It is slightly weaker than normal
  • Bouncing Gordo - This causes the Gordo to gain an electric effect and bounce back and forth up to 5 times. Angling up gives it one less bounce. It is weaker than Topspin Gordo

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