Gordon Reinhold
Gordon Reinhold
Artwork from Professor Layton and the Curious Village.
Series Professor Layton series
First game Professor Layton and the Curious Village
Designed by Takuzo Nagano
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Gordon Reinhold is a character in Professor Layton and the Curious Village. He is the brother of Baron Augustus Reinhold and the uncle of Simon Reinhold. He was one of the members of the family to request the Professor's services.


Gordon wears an orange button-down shirt, with a white undershirt and a purple bow tie. He also wears a puler overcoat, with a blue rose on the left of it. He wears a blue hat as well. He has brown hair, and a short brown moustache. He also has black eyes.


Though wealthy, Gordon is extremely preoccupied with his finances. Maybe it's because of his frugal nature that he just can't seem to attract many interested ladies, something else he always frets about constantly.


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