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List of grass-type Pokémon

Pokémon Information
PKMN001 Bulbasaur This is the first species of Pokémon in the series. He is a grass type with a big flower on his back.
PKMN002 Ivysaur Bulbasaur evolves into Ivysaur at level 16.
PKMN003 Venusaur
PKMN043 Oddish
PKMN044 Gloom
PKMN045 Vileplume
PKMN069 Bellsprout
PKMN070 Weepinbell
PKMN071 Victreebel
PKMN102 Exeggcute
PKMN103 Exeggutor
PKMN114 Tangela The first pure grass type in the national pokedex.
PKMN152 Chikorita
PKMN153 Bayleef
PKMN154 Meganium
PKMN182 Bellossom
PKMN187 Hoppip
PKMN188 Skiploom
PKMN189 Jumpluff
PKMN191 Sunkern
PKMN192 Sunflora
PKMN251 Celebi
PKMN252 Treecko
PKMN253 Grovyle
PKMN254 Sceptile
PKMN270 Lotad
PKMN271 Lombre
PKMN272 Ludicolo
PKMN273 Seedot
PKMN274 Nuzleaf
PKMN275 Shiftry
PKMN285 Shroomish
PKMN286 Breloom
PKMN315 Roselia
PKMN331 Cacnea
PKMN332 Cacturne
PKMN345 Lileep
PKMN346 Cradily
PKMN357 Tropius
PKMN387 Turtwig A Pokémon that resembles a turtle. As you can see, he also has a twig sprouting from his head.
PKMN388 Grotle
PKMN389 Torterra
PKMN406 Budew
PKMN407 Roserade
PKMN413 Wormadam
PKMN420 Cherubi
PKMN421 Cherrim
PKMN455 Carnivine
PKMN459 Snover
PKMN460 Abomasnow
PKMN465 Tangrowth
PKMN470 Leafeon
PKMN492 Shaymin
PKMN495 Snivy Snivy is the starter Pokémon of Unova. Has a big leaf on its back.
PKMN496 Servine Snivy evolves into Servine at Level 17.
PKMN497 Serperior
PKMN511 Pansage
PKMN512 Simisage
PKMN540 Sewaddle The first dual Grass type in the Unova region.
PKMN541 Swadloon
PKMN542 Leavanny
PKMN546 Cottonee
PKMN547 Whimsicott
PKMN548 Petilil
PKMN549 Lilligant
PKMN556 Maractus
PKMN585 Deerling
PKMN586 Sawsbuck
PKMN590 Foongus
PKMN591 Amoonguss
PKMN597 Ferroseed
PKMN598 Ferrothorn
PKMN640 Virizion
PKMNXY650 Chespin
PKMNXY651 Quilladin
PKMNXY652 Chesnaught
PKMNXY672 Skiddo
PKMNXY673 Gogoat
PKMNXY708 Phantump
PKMNXY709 Trevenant
PKMNXY710 Pumpkaboo
PKMNXY711 Gourgeist
Rowlet The starter Pokémon for Alola. It has a flying secondary type

Forms with Grass-type

Pokémon Type Information
File:PKMN003-M.png Mega Venusaur GrassGrassPoisonPoison
Alolan Exeggutor GrassGrassDragonDragon
Mega Sceptile GrassGrassDragonDragon
Mega Abomasnow GrassGrassIceIce
PKMN479-L Rotom (Mow Rotom) ElectricElectricGrassGrass
Sky Forme Shaymin GrassGrassFlyingFlying
Arceus GrassGrass
Silvally GrassGrass

List of grass-type moves

Name Category Contest PP Power Accuracy Generation
Vine WhipPhysicalCool1535100%First
Mega DrainSpecialSmart1540100%First
Leech SeedStatusSmart1090%First
Razor LeafPhysicalCool255595%First
Stun SporeStatusSmart3075%First
Sleep PowderStatusSmart1575%First
Petal DanceSpecialBeauty10120100%First
Cotton SporeStatusBeauty40100%Second
Giga DrainSpecialSmart1075100%Second
Needle ArmPhysicalSmart1560100%Third
Bullet SeedPhysicalCool3025100%Third
Frenzy PlantSpecialCool515090%Third
Magical LeafSpecialBeauty2060Third
Leaf BladePhysicalCool1590100%Third
Worry SeedStatusBeauty10100%Fourth
Seed BombPhysicalSmart1580100%Fourth
Energy BallSpecialBeauty1080100%Fourth
Leaf StormSpecialCute514090%Fourth
Power WhipPhysicalBeauty1012085%Fourth
Grass KnotSpecialSmart20Varies100%Fourth
Wood HammerPhysicalTough15120100%Fourth
Seed FlareSpecialCool512085%Fourth
Grass PledgeSpecialBeautiful1050100%Fifth
Horn LeechPhysicalTough1075100%Fifth
Leaf TornadoSpecialCool106590%Fifth
Cotton GuardStatusCute10—%Fifth
Spiky Shield Status Tough 15 —% Sixth
Grassy Terrain Status Beautiful 10 —% Sixth
Forest's Curse Status Clever 20 —% Sixth
Petal Blizzard Physical Beautiful 15 90 100% Sixth
Leafage Seventh
Solar Blade Physical Seventh

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