Grass Land is a location in the game Kirby's Epic Yarn. It is one of the seven pieces in Patch Land, and is the first one that Kirby and Prince Fluff can go to (besides Quilty Square). It is pretty much the equivalent of "World 1" in Super Mario Bros.. Being the first piece of Patch Land, it is the easiest, and can be beaten quickly.

Appearance & Terrain

The appearance of Grass Land is like most first levels - green and sunny, with a few hills. An overall "meadowy" landscape makes it even look like "World 1" from Super Mario Bros.. There is a forest, a cave complex, and even an area up in the clouds that can be explored. Most of Grass Land consists of flowery meadows and rolling green hills, all of getting its water from Rainbow Falls, the beautiful waterfalls on the west side of Grass Land.


The climate of Grass Land changes depending on where someone is, as it is such big place. As stated above, most of Grass Land consists of meadows, thus one can already figure that the climate is not always rainy or too hot. The weather here is what most people would call "perfect", it's not too hot, but not too cold and rainy. It is usually partly cloudy with a lot of sun.

The climate does change, however as you move to different parts of Grass Land. The forest is misty and probably more chilly than the meadows. The waterfalls are also very misty and wet, making it colder, but just as sunny.


A list of levels in Grass Land

Boss - Fangora

Main Article - Fangora

Fangora is the first boss fought in the game, and is probably the easiest. She is a green dragon that can breathe fire and shoot fireballs. She has a very long, sharp-tipped tongue that she shoots at things to skewer them. There is also a button on the end of the tongue when tired, that must be grappled to defeat her.