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Great Redips
Great Redips
Series Mega Man X
First game Mega Man X: Command Mission
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Great Redips (God Redips in Japan) is a boss in Mega Man X: Command Mission.


In the last chapter of the game Colonel Redips uses the Supra Force Metal recovered from Epsilon to power himself up and turn into Great Redips. He then battles X and co.


Round 1

In round 1 Great Redips has 999999 Life Energy, Supra-Force Metal R heals all of his LE each turn, and Supra-Force Metal L creates a protective barrier around him so he can't be damaged. A SFM Fragment α can be stolen from him. After a few turns the battle switches to round 2.

Round 2

In between round 1 and round 2 Ferham steals Great Redip's Supra-Force Metal R. His LE is lowered to 72500, although he still has Supra-Force Metal L to protect him, which you can destroy, although he eventually restores it. A SFM Fragment β can be stolen from him.


Vs. Great Redips - Round 1   Vs. Great Redips - Round 2
Megaman X Command Mission Great Redips Part 106:27

Megaman X Command Mission Great Redips Part 1

Megaman X Command Mission Great Redips Part 207:05

Megaman X Command Mission Great Redips Part 2

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