HEX's appearance in Disney Universe
First game Disney Universe
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HEX is a black cube and the main antagonist of the Wii game Disney Universe. HEX is the fourth original video game Disney villain, along with Cranky ("Where's My Water?"), Mizrabel (Castle of Illusion) and the Shadow Blot ("Epic Mickey").


Disney Universe

HEX first appears where the two Brutes are attacking the guests. VIC said that the bots are harmless, but HEX hypnotized them to attack the guests. In multiplayer when there are two players playing, HEX will appear to give the guest a power-up. HEX has many tricky challenges for the guest to beat. If the guest loses, HEX will taunt the player. If the guest wins, HEX will be angry. During the ending, HEX and VIC start to argue and HEX sings a rock version of "It's a Small World."


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