Hachi No Su Game

Hachi No Su Game box.

Hachi No Su Game (roughly "The Hive Game") is a toy Nintendo released in 1971 for 1,200 yen. It is product initially created by the German company Neuhierl Gmbh (founded in 1920 by Josef Neuhierl) that Nintendo received the license for. The goal of the game is not immediately clear, though the box comes with a plastic beehive and a bee. It is known that the user is not supposed to let the bee fall, but how the game is played is unknown. It can be inferred by the picture that the gameplay is similar in practice to a game named "Don't Break the Ice" which was marketed in 1968 by Schaper Toys, the main differences being that "Don't Break the Ice" featured cubic bricks which were to be tapped out of the game board as opposed to "Hachi No Su Game's" Hexagonal pieces.