Hammer Bro. Orb is an item that appeared in Mario Party 5 and Mario Party 7. In Mario Party 5, it can be thrown onto a space on the board. Whoever lands on a space holding the Hammer Bro. Capsule makes a Hammer Bro appear and throw two Hammers at him or her, making him or her lose ten coins. The player can also use the Hammer Bro. Capsule on themselves. It costs five coins to do so. After the effect of the Capsule was performed on the player, the total cost the player must pay is fifteen coins. In Mario Party 7, it is renamed the Hammer Bro. Orb. Opponents that lands on a space containing the orb also loses ten coins to the Hammer Bro.; however, unlike in Mario Party 5, the coins are given to the player that has placed the Orb.


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