Monster Manor Harmlequin boss

The Harmlequin

The Harmlequin, also known as Snarlequin, is the second boss encountered in the Nintendo 3DS Streetpass Mii Plaza game Monster Manor. It is a very tall and eerie phantom in dark burgundy attire with a wide upturned collar and wearing a tall burgundy top hat. It lacks arms but sports a necklace consisting of three diamonds, has half of its face concealed behind a mask, and has a number of triangular flaps where its feet should be that face upwards. The boss possesses a number of attacks, including the creation of hostile bats that swarm the player, rushing at the player and draining them of their health, and the use of a sleep spell that temporarily puts the player to sleep (preventing them from blocking an upcoming attack).

The Harmlequin is fought on Floors 10, 25 and 40, and its health and attacks increase dramatically with each battle. The Harmlequin is vulnerable to ice weapons, though like all other enemies, it will take damage from any weapon that is used against it.