Harry Tanner
First game Red Steel
Species Human
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Harry Tanner is a character in Red Steel. He owns Harry's Club in Tokyo.


Act 1: Sato's Legacy

Otori directs Scott Monroe to Harry's Club to find the answers he's looking for, since the club is a popular "hang out" for Yakuza types. Upon arrival at the club, Scott defeats the Yakuza that are roughing up Harry and his men. For that, Harry agrees to help Scott. One of Harry's men trains Scott in the use of guns and target practice. Later, Harry explains that his contacts informed him that Ryuichi's headquarters was at Sato Incorporated Waste Processing Plant in Tokyo Bay. So Scott heads to the processing plant.

Act 2: The Path of the Katana Giri

Upon returning to Harry's Club, Harry directs Scott to a meeting of the Sanro Kai, a group of Sato Gumi Yakuza members focusing on profitable peace, the same group of which Isao Sato was a part.

Akira Matsubara, the leader of that group, explains to Scott that Tokai has taken over their separate districts throughout Tokyo and has brought chaos since Sato's death. So he calls upon Scott to help them get back their respective districts and restore honor. Harry was present and witnessed the meeting.

Act 3: The Ghosts of the Sanro Kai

After assisting the Sanro Kai and leaving the Katana Giri at Otori's Dojo, Scott returns to Harry's Club and finally meets Tokai, the man behind the takeover of Tokyo and death of Isao Sato. And Harry Tanner appears to be working for him. Having been locked up in the cellar of the Club, Scott manages to fight his way up to the offices and confronts Harry, defeating him in combat. Harry explains to Scott that Tokai and his men were heading for the Dojo to take the Katana Giri, so Scott leaves immediately.