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Haunted Trail
MP10 Haunted Trail
Series Mario Party series
First game Mario Party 10

Haunted Trail is a board in Mario Party 10. It has a haunted forest theme.

Boss Battles


The board has the exclusive Boo Space which changes who has the Boo. The Boo saps 5 stars from the player every time the player rolls.

Lucky Space

  • Like every board, a selection of 3 blocks where one holds 2 Ministars, another holds 4 and the final holds 6.
  • A minigame to mash A to shake the tree. The player has 5 seconds to get up to 10 Ministars
  • A little square where the player has to jump to get Ministars. The player has 5 seconds to get up to 10 Ministars

Unlucky Space

  • One sets a pair of Swoopers on the player to steal five stars



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