Hazy Maze Cave
Hazy maze cave

Series Mario
First game Super Mario 64

Hazy Maze Cave is an underground cave level and course six in Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS. In both games this course is located in the basement of Princess Peach's Castle.

As its name implies, the Hazy Maze Cave is a maze which features a couple of areas that can be accessed by finding one's way through alcoves and passageways inside the cave. The maze map can be found in every area of the maze. Some of the areas include a toxic maze, an elevator, an underwater lake (where Dorrie can be found) and a secret path where Mario has to cope with streams of water in order to gain two more Power Stars.

This is one of the few levels not accessed via a painting; instead, Mario must enter the door to the right of the entrance to Lethal Lava Land and jump into a pool of liquid metal inside.


  • Swimming Beast In The Cavern
  • Elevate For 8 Red Coins
  • Metal-Head Mario Can Move! (Metal-Head Wario Can Move! in DS)
  • Navigating The Toxic Maze
  • A-maze-ing Emergency Exit
  • Watch For Rolling Rocks
  • Underground Switch Star (DS)