Hedge Honcho

Hedge Honcho is a minigame in Mario Party DS.


Four microscopic peoples are seen wandering around in jungle forest. They are trying to escape from animal world by going in bushes until they found a blue water river with circular leaves floating on it. They are 2 insect: one is nasty and another one is not nasty but annoying. A female wasp will sting someone if touched, while genderless ladybird will not hurt someone but it requires several seconds to get rid of them. There are 5 bushes. Most leaves are lime green, while few are darker green. It often takes 2/3 minutes, but getting less than 1 minute seems to be little bit possible but extremely difficult.

How to play

  • Get rid of leaves: Touch them with stylus.
  • Avoid wasp: Do nothing.
  • Get rid of ladybird: Rub him repeatedly with stylus.