Henry and Orville

Henry and Orville as seen in Luigi's Mansion.
Series Mario series
First game Luigi's Mansion
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Henry and Orville are Portrait Ghosts found in Luigi's Mansion in the Mario series and their parents are Neville and Lydia and their baby brother is Chauncey. Their favorite game to play is Hide and Seek according to the Game Boy Horror. Unlike their family members on the second floor, Henry and Orville securely hid their key in a well hidden place in the mansion, therefore they are fought later during the game. Henry is the one with the red shirt while Orville is the one with the purple shirt. Both of them have 100 HP which makes them both have 200 HP total.

When Luigi first enters their room, he will find it empty and he must use his Poltergust 3000 to spin around an airplane mobile in circles and Henry and Orville will come out of their hiding places and be ready to compete against Luigi in Hide and Seek. Luigi must then exit the room and re-enter it afterwards to seek out the twins. In order for Luigi to easily seek them out, he will need to use an element or his Poltergust 3000's wind. After Luigi finds both of them, they will complain to him and tell him that he has cheated, and Henry will get a car and Orville will get an airplane and drop bombs or drive into Luigi. After Luigi defeats both of them, the lights will turn on in the room and Luigi will obtain Mario's Shoe.


  • Luigi can find that Neville wrote that the twins are afraid of elements in his diary in the Study room.
  • In the Master Bedroom, Luigi can read Lydia's diary and it will say that the twins once got mad at her for spinning the airplane mobile.
  • Orville gives out the pearls instead of Henry when vacuumed.
  • The twins have the third highest HP ranking in the game, along with the Clockwork Soldiers (second) and King Boo (first).
  • Henry and Orville and the Clockwork Soldiers are the only ghosts fought in groups.
  • Henry and Orville might be a reference to the Wright Brothers as they are brothers and Orville flies a plane, which The Wright brothers invented.