Hermit Crawmad
Hermie Crawmad (2)
Series Pikmin
First game Pikmin 2
Created by Nintendo
Quotes • Gallery

The Hermit Crawmad is a type of enemy in Pikmin 2 for the Nintendo GameCube and New Play Control for the Wii. This monster will be in a green hole, when Olimar, Louie or President walk near it, they go out and try to grab them. If this enemy grabs a Pikmin, it will run back to the hole with the Pikmin in its claw. To defeat it, make it come out of the hole, then throw Pikmin on its white back. This is found in Awakening Wood, Wistful Wild, and underground in many areas. This monster does not have a family.


Olimar's notes

"Looking at the eyes and sickle-shaped legs characteristic of squillas, one would think this is a squilla relative. In fact, it is a relative of the hermit crab. This species, however, has migrated from seaside life in a shell and instead inhabits burrows in the ground. While its legs appear sickle-like, they are pincers that have evolved into a fin shape. This beast feeds on small creatures that pass by its lair, dragging them inside to eat them."

Louie's notes

"Shuck from the shell, bake on high heat until crispy, then dip in a pot of melted milk chocolate. Lip-smacking sweet!"

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