Hexoskeleton is a mini-game in DS version of Mario Party. You will be facing nasty Dry Bones who learned a magical spell from Kamek. Even though if the character got shrunk by Bowser's weapon-Minimizer, it is possible for the player to destroy this malicious creature. To kill him, look at the top screen. You can see the fire icons on the buttons. Ground-pound the correct buttons until you saw the purple circle above, which produces poisonous, harmful magic. Zap him three times and you win. Every time you zap him with the magic that helped you kill him, the difficulty will increase. Because every time you zap him, he will throw berries, durians and lots of bad stuffs which means you must avoid them. Dry Bones will also ground-pound the circular arena, plus creating electric shockwave that can cause harm. After that attack, you can see the leave covering the map, making difficult. Even though, they don't cover much of them and flow away instantly. It is considered to be one of the most easiest boss game. If you killed him, he will give up the blue sky crystal and Diddy Kong found it. Another thing that DK will release and he didn't forgot the Bowser's dinner party in his castle.