A list of Hideki Konno quotes.

Game development

  • "Hardware innovation can be the driving force behind increased imagination in software development."
  • "Developing games has numerous hardships but is is also extremely rewarding."
  • "As long as I am involved with development at Nintendo, my goal will be to continue developing products for as many people as possible in this world to enjoy."

Mario Kart series

  • "Originally, the development of Super Mario Kart began with the idea of creating a two-player racing game in contrast to the single-person gameplay of F-Zero."
  • "Back then, instead of a banana peel as an item, there were little oil cans. If you threw one out, the oil would spill, sending the karts spinning." - Regarding beta version of Super Mario Kart
  • "We had decided from the start that there would be races, but we thought that it would be good if the game served as a communication tool in which one-on-one battles were possible via some other kind of gameplay rather than simply competing for rank, and someone had the idea of popping each other’s balloons." - Regarding battle mode
  • "Considering [snaking in ''Mario Kart DS''] a technique is bad for the overall game balance because it would cause a huge rift between those who can do it and those who can't."

Nintendo 3DS

Hideki Konno was the hardware director for the Nintendo 3DS.

  • "When I became the producer of our next hardware, the Nintendo 3DS, I first started to consider whether maybe now this is the time when we can bring 3D gaming into gameplay."
  • "The latest technology has now completely matched with what Nintendo has wanted to do for a very long time. This is a very good time to start."
  • "I think that not all software developed for the 3DS has to support 3D."
  • "...we've actually been considering 3D for over 20 years. Actually, in Japan we released a product that realized 3D gameplay back then -- the Famicom (or the Japanese version of the NES). Then we had the Virtual Boy. And with both, I can't claim a success for the industry or Nintendo. However, Nintendo doesn't give up. That's the Nintendo style, the Miyamoto style."
  • "...when I was directing Luigi's Mansion on the GameCube we experimented with placing a 3D panel on the screen and making Luigi's Mansion play in 3D. However, at that time we had screen resolution issues. And cost issues. And to separately sell a panel for 3D gameplay wasn't a practical idea as a mass-market product."
  • "Other than the 3D images, I've put extra efforts in the wireless as well. I think you might be aware that we put in a "Bark Mode" in the DS Nintendogs. I had the ambition to have people do the tag mode more, so this time I built it into the system."
  • "I think Luigi's Mansion, that I created for GameCube, would be a good game for the 3DS. The lighting of the game, and the dollhouse-like environment of the game I think would be very suitable for 3D. I think the depth and the width of the environments, like a box, that we had in Luigi's Mansion would be a very good match for the effects of the 3DS."
  • "Most 3D movies I really like -- Avatar, Alice. Other than that I'm really looking forward to films like Toy Story and Tron."

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