Hiroji Kiyotake
Hiroji Kiyotake-0
Born December 21, 1960
Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan
Company Nintendo (since 1983)
University Kyoto Seika University
Current Position Character Supervisor & Manager
First game Pinball (Game & Watch)
Latest game Metroid: Other M

Hiroji Kiyotake is a graphic designer who works for Nintendo. He worked at the R&D1 department and is notorious for creating iconic characters such as Foreman Spike, Samus Aran and Wario. He also directed several games in the 90s, including Metroid II and Wario Land.

After Wario Land 4, he wasn't directly involved in game development any more, but he supervised the design of Wario and Samus in various games. His last known credit was on Metroid: Other M, but he probably remains at Nintendo as an advisor.

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