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Hiroyuki Kimura
Born June 1, 1965
Ichikawa Prefecture, Japan
Company Nintendo (since 1988)
Current Position Progress Manager
First game Super Mario Bros. 3
Latest game Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Hiroyuki Kimura is a video game designer and the former manager of Nintendo EAD Software Group No. 4. When he joined Nintendo in 1988, he helped design the Lava Lotus and Spike characters in Super Mario Bros. 3 before he was assigned to Nintendo R&D1, where he did design on many games, like the Maridia background in Super Metroid.

Since the Nintendo 64 era he has worked for Nintendo EAD. He was the director of most Super Mario Advance titles and eventually became the producer of most games in the Big Brain Academy, New Super Mario Bros. and New Play Control! series, as well as Pikmin 3.

After Nintendo EPD was structured, he seems to have left his producer role and become a progress manager.

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