Hockey Allstar Shootout
Hockey Allstar Shootout
WiiWare box art
Developer(s) Big Blue Bubble Inc.
Publisher(s) Big Blue Bubble Inc.
Platform(s) Wii Ware platform icon
Genre(s) Sports (Ice Hockey)

03ESRB - E 

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Hockey Allstar Shootout is a WiiWare sports game (focused on ice hockey). It was released in December 2008 by Big Blue Bubble Inc.


The game supports up to 2 players simultaneously and involves shooting on a single goalie. It has four different game modes that are based on quickness and accuracy: Head to Head, Two-Player, Sharp Shooter, and Power Shot. A Wii Remote is required to shoot the puck. The goalies wear jerseys representing different countries.

Neither a full game nor a season can be played. This is only a shootout with the goaltender.

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