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Planet Hocotate as seen from space.

Hocotate is the planet that the Hocotatians come from, notably Olimar in the Pikmin games.

Landscape and features

The planet has two intersecting planetary rings. It also has two neighboring planetoids, most likely moons. It has a thin atmosphere as stars are visible from the surface during the day.

Life and culture

Hocotatian people are around two cm (3/4 in.) tall, the size of a nickel. They breathe a gas which is not oxygen as its poisonous to them, explaining why Olimar and Louie must wear a spacesuit on the Pikmin's planet.

They have very advanced technology, as they have utilized minuscule particles. Ironically, they consider human-made objects are considered valuable.

They use the currency called Poko, which looks like a coin from the Super Mario series. Pikmin objects are also considered treasures and fetch for high prices.


The name comes from Nintendo's headquarters address, which is at 11-1, Kamitoba-hokotate-cho.

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