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Honeyclimb Galaxy is a galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. It has three walls to climb with a Power Star at the third wall
Honeyclimb pic 1

Mario climbing with the Bee Mushroom

. At the bottom of the wall theres' a Bee Mushroom which will give Mario the Bee Suit Power up and that wil make Mario climb sticky, hexagonal honey tiles some of them will be moving which will help you get to the top quicker or make you slip up and fall. At the top of the first 2 walls there will be a Launch Star which will let you progress through the level. each wall has there own difficulty, the first one can be easily passed but the second wall has Meteors to avoid and the final wall has enemys that'll knock you off the wall. At the beginning of each wall there's a Bee Mushroom to be picked up, but while on the wall if your flight gauge reaches zero or you revert back to Normal Mario you'll fall to the bottom of the wall to start over or lose a life.

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