Hoppers are bird-like Beetleworx found in Epic Mickey. Mickey first meets Hoppers in Mickeyjunk Mountain. They are the second types of Beetleworx.


Epic Mickey

A Hopper acts as its name implies. Since it is a Beetleworx, Paint cannot redeem these enemies, as all machines have no emotions. A Hopper can only be defeated when Mickey uses Thinner and his Spin move.


  • Hoppers can only be defeated when Mickey removes its armor. After its armor is gone, it is vulnerable and can be defeated by using a Spin Move.
  • Another way to defeat a Hopper is to knock them off the ledges or Thinnerfalls. If Mickey knocks it into a Thinnerfall, an arrow will still appear, meaning the Hopper is still alive. If Mickey knocks it off a ledge, it will die.

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