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X1 Hotarion
There are two Hotarions that appeared as enemies in the Mega Man X series.

Mega Man X

This Hotarion will light up a space whenever Mega Man X is walking. It only appears in Spark Mandrill's stage. He is very fast in the entire stage, so X can't return and get him after he goes away. X will notice that it cannot only help to light up the blackout, but it can harm him.

Mega Man X Collection

This Hotarion appears only in Izzy Glow's stage and the final stage. There are two attacks from him. One materializes and fly in the direction of Mega Man X or Zero. Another one will float high to make a wall of lasers. This is also the firefly that appears with the F-Laser.


  • Hotarion comes from the word, "hotaru", which means "firefly" in Japanese.

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