Hotel Mario
Hotel Mario cover
Developer(s) Philips Fantasy Factory
Publisher(s) Philips Ineractive Media
Platform(s) CD-i platform icon
Genre(s) Puzzle
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Hotel Mario is a puzzle platform Mario game released in 1994 by Philips media games for the Philips Cdi. This game was released as a result of a planned CD add on for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System that was being developed by Philips, in return, Nintendo gave Philips permission to use their franchises on their console. So three The Legend of Zelda games were released as well as the one Mario game, Hotel Mario. There was also another game called Super Mario Wacky World. It was supposed to be a sequel to Super Mario World, but it was cancelled, and Hotel Mario was released instead.


The plot of the Game is that Mario is in a Hotel of some kind and Mario's enemies keep opening up doors in the Hotel and Mario must keep closing them again. Mario is in a race against the clock to close all the doors in time. As Mario progresses eventually the levels will get more challenging.

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