Hylians are a humanoid species in The Legend of Zelda series of video games. Hylians are have a Physical Apearance similar to Elves. They appear in every game to date. This is mainly because the Main Character Link is a Hylian and just by turning the game on and starting the game ,they make a Apearance. The species consists mainly of the People that live in the Kingdom of Hyrule. The Most notable and primary characters that are Hylian are Link and Princess Zelda. They first appeared in The Legend of Zelda for the NES.

The Hylians are the race chosen by the goddesses of the game to fulfil their wills. They're the rulers over all other races in the game, and thus have trusted alliances with other species, though at the same many are directly against them, probably lusting the power that the goddesses bestowed upon them, angry that they're reduced to nothing more that mere servants. One of the primary races that hate the species are the Gerudo, whose ruler, Ganondorf, have launched attacks on the species on multiple occasions, though this is basically because of the fact that the Hylians wield the triforce shards, and that he desires the power that they'd give him.

Hylians basically live in Hyrule, where they rule over the entire country within Hyrule Town.


-Legend of Zelda-

A Hylian named Link Defeats Gannon. and rescues Zelda.

-Link's Adventure-

A hylian named Link Has Rescued the Princess Zelda but now he must figure out how to revive her from her sleep.Eventually Link Defeats Gannon for a Second time.

-A Link to the Past-

A second Hylian man named Link in another country named Hyrule. He will have to Defeat the forces of evil led by Agahnim. Agahnim is defeated but he succeeds in Destroying Hyrule with a curse. The quest continues until the curse over Hyrule is broken.