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Ice Age
Ice Age (NA)
North American box art
Developer(s) Artificial Mind and Movement
Publisher(s) Ubisoft
Platform(s) Game Boy Advance platform icon
Genre(s) Platform


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Ice Age is the first Ice Age game exclusively for Game Boy Advance based off the film with the same name in 2002. It was published by Ubisoft and it received poor reviews.


In a platform game, players take control of Manny and Roshan. Like in New Super Mario Bros., Manny can ground pound to stun enemies, while Roshan can jump to reach hard items. While controlling Sid, the screen will start to scroll and Sid must move quickly to avoid getting killed.


  • Acorns - They are currencies in the game. You lose an acorn if you touch a harmful object.
  • Grey Acorns - If you collect it, you have an infinity amount.
  • Glowing Acorns - If you grab it, you can shoot many enemies.


  • Dodo Birds - In the game, dodos are given the ability to fly, but this is impossible since dodos cannot fly in real life.
  • Saber-Tooth Squirrels - These will only stay on a platform.
  • Bees - They are invincible.
  • Sleeping Rhino - They can be shot down with a glowing acorn. They can't hurt you.
  • Smilodons - These can try to pounce at you.
  • Red Panda - These are sleeping and can be stomped, but it doesn't kill them.
  • Logs - These act as obstacles and can hurt you.
  • Porcupines - These are one of the weakest enemies in the game and some can roll and can be flipped over.
  • Ptarmigans - These are harmless and they appear over bottomless pits.
  • Palaeotheria - These don't move and are weakest in the game. Palaeotheria are only encountered in Sid levels.
  • Bats - These appear in flocks and can only be hit by walnuts.
  • Skunks - These enemies spray at you, but cannot hurt you.
  • Giant Snails - They can be flipped over or be shot down.
  • Penguins - These only appear on toughest levels.


  • Glyptodont - This is the first boss. Jump on him to damage him. Use Manny's trunk to flip him over like a Koopa Troopa. In the rematch, you can stay on the platform and shoot acorns.
  • Plesiosaur - Use glowing acorns and then hit the plesiosaur when it appears.
  • Carl of Frank - It is wise to do the same strategy with sleeping rhinos, but the rhino fights back.
  • Eagle - When it falls down, avoid it and then hit it with Manny's trunk. Avoid the chick and then attack the bird.
  • Soto - Stay on the left when you start the fight. Shoot him with the glowing acorns and go to the safe spot by bouncing on a crater.
  • Giant Armadillo 2 - In the bonus level, use the same strategy like the rematch.

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