Iggy's Airship is much different than his other three siblings earlier. He is the fourth boss in the game. The Airship lacks artillery and caliber of his youngers siblings ships but the design and defense of Iggy's is constructive and tricky. The whole Airship is covered with thrusters. These defenses will shoot flames back and forth non-stop. Mario must be careful from getting burned to a crisp by acting at the right moment. Only the bottom deck contains most of the thrusters while the top is filled with large gaps to jump across. Mario can take the high road better if he was Raccoon Mario to increase the length of his jumps. If he takes the bottom path than he needs to wait at the right moment for the flames to turn on and off to precede to the Koopa Cabin. An extra power-up is found if Mario can reach the Koopa Cabin.

Boss Battle

Being the fourth boss Iggy Koopa can be a little tough. Being the fastest boss so far and shooting double blasts of energy from his wang Iggy is a powerhouse. But Mario can stomp him three times on the head and take back the magic wand.