Ikegami was a video game programmer that assisted Nintendo with several classic arcade video games. The titles in which they were involved is vast and consists of many classic video games such as Donkey Kong, HeliFire and others. Nintendo and Ikegami got in a heated dispute after the release of Donkey Kong Jr., the arcade successor to Donkey Kong, because Nintendo had used their coding without asking for permission (Ikegami was not involved in the creation of the sequel). Nintendo managed to settle the dispute out of court after the two companies thankfully came to an agreement.

List of games

The following is the list of known titles that Ikegami programmed. Take note that every game listed is an arcade title.

As noted above, Nintendo used the coding from Donkey Kong and applied some of it to Donkey Kong Jr. without getting the permission from Ikegami, which marked the end of the partnership between the two.