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WiiU Splatoon char01 E3

Series Splatoon
First game Splatoon
Created by Nintendo EAD
Year Created 2015
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Inklings are the main species in the Wii U game, Splatoon. They are transforming humanoid squid people. They are rivals to the Octarians. The players play as them.


Splatoon growth

An inkling growing up.

Inklings have two forms; the humanoid form and the squid form. Inklings only get the ability to transform between the forms at age fourteen. The humanoid form is slower, but has dexterity to hold weapons while the squid form is far more mobile and can hide in the same color ink. The squid form isn't completely solid and can go through grates.

The humanoid form retains the black mask around the eye and 10 tentacles. 4 of those tentacles turn into the limbs and the remaining turn into the Inkling's hair with two big ones that turn into bangs for girls and a topknot for boys.

Known colors for Inklings and their ink include orange, blue, lime green, white-green, violet, red, cyan, yellow, scarlet, and magenta.

Inklings are highly into fashion, constantly conversing about what's 'fresh.' They seek the latest trends and dress-up in a variety of outfits.

With 14 years, Inklings have full control of their squid and human forms.


Other Appearances


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