Iridescent Glint Beetle
Iridescent Glint Beetle

Series Pikmin
First game Pikmin 2
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Iridescent Glint Beetles are members of the Flint Beetle Family in Pikmin 2. They are similar to the Iridescent Flint Beetle but, much rarer.


It is a gold beetle resembling the Iridescent Flint Beetle and it glitters all the time.

Nintendo Player's Guide Description

Like Flint Beetles, Glint Beetles surface for only a few seconds at a time. When one appears near your troops, you'll have a couple of chances to aim before it goes below the surface again. In a few rare circumstacnes, Iridescent Glint Beetles hold treasure.


Olimar's notes

"This variety of beetle consumes subterranean minerals. Due to the fact that it rarely emerges above ground, sightings of this particular species are extremely rare. While minerals are this beast's primary source of food, the beetle itself does not have the ability to digest these minerals. Instead, metabacteria living inside the beetle's stomach chemically break down the minerals. The resulting purified metal is discharged, but rare metals such as gold and platinum crystallize onto the iridescent glint beetle's shell, resulting in the beautiful laminated shimmer."

Louie's notes

"This precious treat is exceptionally rare. I could sell it back at home for a fortune! Then, I could use the cash to upgrade my kitchen, buy galactic-class ingredients, and even star in my own cooking show... The Insect Gourmet!"


Once Olimar encounters an Iridescent Glint Beetle underground, Olimar must use Purples to squash them to drop a treasure. When a treasure drops from it in Hole of Heroes before battling the Man-at-legs, the treasure will drop after it falls off the bottomless pit.

Once Olimar encounters it again, it will have no treasure, instead, it drops Random Nectar.

If Olimar wants to kill it, he should spray Ultra-bitter Spray at it and doing this will not give any Pikmin or him some nectar or spray.

In Secret Testing Range (Challenge Mode) a Gattling Groink can shoot it down, but it drops a treasure.


Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U

The Iridescent Glint Beetle appears as an enemy in Smash Run.
Glint Beetle SSB4

Olimar with the beetle and a red pikmin


  • The Iridescent Glint Beetle was a figure.
    Glint Beetle figure