Islands (Game & Wario)

Islands is a multiplayer mode in Game & Wario. The players try to toss the most Fronks on the highest value islands.


Up to five players take turns using the Wii U Gamepad to fling Fronks onto the targets, trying to achieve the highest overall score. Each player gets 5 Fronks per turn. The order is randomly chosen at the start, but after the first turn, the one with most most points start first, the second in place plays second and so on. After each player goes, a round is complete and an event will happen which can vastly affect the current standings. For instance, in Arrow Atoll, a Fronk can be dropped by a seagull that activates the target which will change its value once it hits something. Managing weight distribution is important since having too many Fronks on one side will cause the platform to tip and send Fronks into the water, making them worth nothing.


  • Roulette Block
  • Arrow Atoll
  • Tippy Tower
  • Salty Scales