Ivory Candypop Bud
Candypop bud white
Series Pikmin
First game Pikmin 2
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Ivory Candypop Bud is a rare plant-enemy in Pikmin 2 only. Throw any pikmin in it and they will pop out as White Pikmin. You can only throw 5 in before it dies, but White Pikmin don't count toward the limit. Candypop Buds are the only way to getting White and Purple Pikmin, since they live in the Hocotate Ship. These are the rarest candypop buds.


Olimar's NotesEdit

"Research from our most recent expedition has confirmed the presence of candypop buds in subterranean regions. Considering the micro-ecologies this plant has been found in, one could surmise that it could be found in any cavern, regardless of geographic regions. Tossing Pikmin into this flower always produces white Pikmin seeds, regardless of the color of Pikmin tossed in. In many cases, plants with small leaves typically have limited photosynthetic capabilities, and thus must find alternate means of obtaining nutrients, with parasitic and predatory behavior being most common. The candypop could be considered one such example."

Louie's NotesEdit

"This elusive flower spoils within seconds of picking, making it unsuitable for cooking."