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These are quotes said by James.


  • "Drat, we wasted this episode cheering the good guys!"
  • "With enemies like that, who needs friends?"
  • "These are ice packs we're gunning!--I mean, ice guns we're packing!"
  • "Team Rocket may be dirty rotten criminals, but we're not in the business of destroying children's dreams! At least, not yet."
  • "You have disgraced the disgraceful Team Rocket!"
  • "This steak is too well done. Take it back and make it rare."
  • "We have a proud tradition of failure to uphold!"
  • "Thundershock, Thunderbolt, Thunder; I've been defeated so many times by Pikachu's attacks, I know them all by heart! Ahahahahahaha!"
  • "I thought I just heard someone say 'We're blasting off again,' but we copyrighted that!"
  • "You must learn how to lose; it is such an important part of Pokémon training that we built our entire careers on it!"


Jessie: You'll pay for this, Cassidy! Who does she think she is?!
James: It's alright, Jessie. They're bad guys.

Jessie: Hmmm, this kid [in the photo] looks a lot like you.
James: You think so? He looks pathetic.
Meowth: That's what she means, James.

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