James Turner

James Turner.

James Turner is a video game developer. In 2010 he became the first Occidental to design Pokémon. In total he created six unique species for the Nintendo DS video games Pokémon Black and White including the Vanillite line, the Golett line, and Vullaby. He is also credited as a 3-D Map Graphic Designer and the main designer for the digital movie.

James was born in Lincoln, England, United Kingdom. He went to the University of Wolverhampton, England, where he gained a first class honours degree in Electonic Media BA (Hons). Shortly afterwards he did some early work in animation for TV advertising before becoming a game developer at a London based design studio.

Before joining GameFreak, James worked for 8 years in Nintendo affiliate studio: Genius Sonority.

List of Pokémon

The following are a list of Pokémon that Turner designed.

Credits - List

External links

  • GameFreak interview with James Turner (in Japanese).

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