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Japan Pro Golf Tour 64
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Developer(s) Media Factory
Publisher(s) SETA Corporation
Platform(s) Nintendo 64DD platform icon
Genre(s) Sports
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Golf simulation, developed for the short-lived Nintendo 64 disk drive add-on. This rare disk is best-known for being the only title for the system to offer a form of online play. The game features six gameplay modes, polygonal graphics, and a player editor. One or two players can compete in Match Play mode while up to four can compete for the best score in the 18-hole Stroke Player mode. The game also sports a Grand Opening Mode (compete with the world's best Japan Pro-Golfers,), a Career Mode, Qualifying Tournament (you create your own player and start with a handicap of 0) and Network Opening. The latter lets you connect to Randnet and compete in an All-Japan tournament.

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