Jarvis's gold frame

Jarvis the Jar Collector is a strange pig-like Portrait Ghost from the Nintendo GameCube game Luigi's Mansion. He resided in the Ceramic Studio and loved jars. He was an optional ghost.


When Luigi keeps re-entering the Ceramic Studio or waits for a few seconds, Jarvis will tell Luigi to challenge him. If Jarvis appears in a jar, Luigi must shoot ice at him and being hit seven times makes Jarvis angry and bring in the jars to fly. Luigi shouldn't underestimate the number of ice shots when Jarvis made a jar float as it can damage Luigi. Luigi must suck up the jars or avoid the jars. Then, defeating Jarvis leaves a pair of Gold Bars and a Silver Diamond. Defeating him can let Luigi find a Boo named TamBoorine.


  • Jarvis' name is an obvious pun on the words, "jar" and "Travis".
  • Jarvis speaks with a Scottish accent that is stereotypical.
  • Jarvis may be a completely unknown species or a deformed human
  • Jarvis's three frames have three different colors of Jarvis; in Bronze and silver he is purple and in gold he is tan.