Doctor Lautrec Characters

Jean Legrand is a major character from Doctor Lautrec and the Forgotten Knights,and he is the co-leader of a low-level branch of a crime syndicate. His brother is Paul.


Jean is a malevolent soul, who seems to antagonize Paul, his brother and visual partner. He and Paul are unseperable, and, as of this, they work together constantly. Jean is smug, and considers himself a ladies man. His plans are foiled by Lautrec.


Jean has long,blonde hair-similar to Sissel's from Ghost Trick-sticking from under his white hat,and his eyes are not visual because of his shades. He wears a white shirt,with a cross emblem on the black strip going through the middle,white trousers,and a bow tie. This appears to be his syndicate's uniform. Jean regularly carries around a gun,possibly made by Paul.


“You're not getting away!”


  • His relationship to Paul is somewhat similar to that of Chemey and Barton (Professor Layton), Jean being the more logic-minded one,and the taller one.