Jellyfloat Family

The members of the Jellyfloat Family.

The JellyFloat Family is a family in the Pikmin (series). These enemies are based on flying jellyfish. This family consists of Lesser Spotted Jellyfloat, Greater Spotted Jellyfloat and Flying Spotted Jellyfloat. The family appears in Pikmin 2 and Hey! Pikmin.

Lesser Spotted Jellyfloat/Cephalus dottalium


The Lesser Spotted Jellyfloat is a blue Jellyfloat with yellow spots. Their main attack is to inhale Pikmin and slowly digesting them, if they are killed before the death of the inhaled Pikmin, they will be saved.

Greater Spotted Jellyfloat/Cephalus vortexia

Great float jellyfish

The Greater Spotted Jellyfloat is a pink Jellyfloat with purple spots. Their main difference with their cousin is their greater size and the fact that they can inhale Captains which dismiss the Pikmin and let them vulnerable to attacks from other ennemies. They have also more life than their lesser version.

Flying Spotted Jellyfloat/Cephalus aerialis

Flying Spotted Jellyfloat

The Flying Spotted Jellyfloat is a blue Jellyfloat with light blue spots. They attacks by squishing Pikmin that happen to be under it.