Johto HGSS
A map of Johto from HeartGold and SoulSilver.
Series Pokémon
First game Gold and Silver (1999)
Creator Game Freak
Johto is a region in the Pokémon series and has been the main region in the second generation of games. The Johto region is a large area located west of Kanto.

Johto and Kanto are part of a large landmass, with everything west of Indigo Plateau in the Johto region.

Cities and towns

There are ten major cities in Johto.

Areas of interest


Cities and Towns
New Bark TownCherrygrove CityViolet CityAzalea TownGoldenrod City
Ecruteak CityOlivine CityCianwood CityMahogany TownBlackthorn City
Safari Zone GateFrontier Access
Dark CaveSprout TowerRuins of AlphUnion CaveSlowpoke WellIlex Forest
Radio TowerGlobal TerminalGoldenrod TunnelNational ParkPokéathlon Dome
Bell TowerBurned TowerMooMoo FarmGlitter LighthouseBattle Tower/Frontier
Cliff Edge GateCliff CaveEmbedded TowerSafari ZoneWhirl IslandsMt. Mortar
Lake of RageTeam Rocket HQIce PathDragon's DenS.S. AquaMt. Silver