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Artwork of Jolene from The Thousand-Year Door.
Series Paper Mario series
First game Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
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Jolene is a character who only appeared in the GameCube video game Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. She is a Toad with pink dots on her head. When you first meet her, she is an assistant to Grubba at the Glitz Pit, and seems quite mysterious. Later on in the game you'll find out that her real reason for being at the Glitz Pit is that she's looking for her younger brother who recently disappeared there. At the end of the chapter, you'll find out that Grubba was actually kidnapping many of the fighters (including her brother) and using their power to make him unstoppable. Thankfully, Mario and crew defeat him, where Prince Mush (her brother) and all of the other fighters are rescued.

It is also revealed later on that Jolene is the new owner of the Glitz Pit, and if Mario chooses to, she will let him enter the competition again.

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