Juicy Jungle

Juicy Jungle

Juicy Jungle was fifth island taken by Snowmads in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, is the Professor Chops home and close of Donkey Kong Island.


As its name suggests, this island is full of fruits in different where are harvested to make juice. These fruits include: purple mulberries, strange pumpkim-like fruits with various colors, red durians, berries, peaches, mangos, watermelons with two different forms and red currants. The juice is produced in main factory where the fruits are sliced by deadly machanisms and use rain water to make this juice. This juice is used to make fruity snacks such as jelly and popsicles. Under of island have ice part which is probable is caused by cooling of Bashmaster's popsicles factory and besides the fruits, the island contains Buzzy hives too. According with pictures in the art gallery, this island is homeland of Professor Chop's people.


During the events of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, this island was the fifth to be explored by Kong Family. Discovered in island a juice production where is formed rivers of same and Kongs they risk this place be cause of deadly obstacles until arrive in Bashmaster's factory. When Bashmaster is expelled by Kongs, that island is the last to be free from Snowmads and finally same go back to DK Island.



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  • According to the in-game concepts art, this island is inhabited by pigs which was slaved by Snowmads.