For other uses, see Jump (disambiguation).
Mario luigi jump

Mario and Luigi jumping.

A Jump is a basic move that many characters have in various video games. It was introduced in the arcade video game Donkey Kong, in which Mario, then known as Jumpman, would jump over oncoming barrels tossed by Donkey Kong. It would later be implemented in various other titles in the series and literally almost every platforming video game (as well as various other genres). Genres in which jumping is often times included in are:

  • Platforming games - A basic function that allows the player to get over obstacles.
  • Shooters - Often times to get onto ledges and to see over walls.
  • Sports - Is included in sport games that require the player to jump, such as basketball.
  • Fighting - In fighting games, jumping is required to get over players, perform combos and dodge.
  • RPG - Most rpg's don't include jumping, though some, like Paper Mario, do.

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