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Jump is a special move that can be performed in the Final Fantasy (series) video games. It targets one enemy and deals heavy damage, usually twice the amount of a normal attack. While airborne, the character can not be targeted by any physical attacks or any direct or group offensive or defensive spells.


This move's origin comes from the Dragoons class in Final Fantasy III, although it's most popular & likelyhood to be seen first in Final Fantasy IV by US audiences belonging solely to Kain Highwind, the Dragoons leader.


The charge time of Jump usually is longer than that of a regular attack. It also will take a long time to carry out the Jump, so often the other characters in the party will get 1-2 turns depending on their Speed stat. It should be noted it can also Miss an enemy completely.

Also to note is it's element is dependent on the weapon itself equipped. Certain enemies absorb elemental damage, so if the spear (or sword) equipped is of that element, a Jump attack will actually heal them. Using Jump with draining weapons (such as Blood Spear & Blood Sword) can also heal Undead enemies, and drain the character instead.


Since Square worked with Nintendo to create Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, it's a good reason why Jump was focused on for Mario's abilities used in the game, as it's a staple of the Final Fantasy games too. Only power-ups were used before to describe Mario's abilities, as jumping over & on top of things was standard in Donkey Kong (series) as well as the first Mario Bros game, but