Jump Ultimate Stars
Jump Ultimate Stars
Box art
Developer(s) Ganbarion
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo DS platform icon
Classification(s) Wifi-icon
Genre(s) Fighting

 01CERO A 

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Jump Ultimate Stars is a Nintendo DS video game released in 2006 by Ganbarion and Nintendo. It is a sequel to Jump Super Stars and includes Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection support, unlike the first in the series. Jump Ultimate Stars included characters from various Shonen Jump franchises such as Bleach, Death Note, Dragon Ball, Eyeshield 21, Naruto, One Piece, Shaman King, The Prince of Tennis, Yu-Gi-Oh!, YuYu Hakusho, and many more. Seventeen new series are represented in this game that weren't in the original.

Jump Ultimate Stars and its predecessor is similar to the Super Smash Bros. series in that it is a fighting game that includes characters from a variety of franchises, though this game includes no Nintendo references despite being developed by the company who published the game. There are around fifty playable characters in the game, though in all the game includes over 300 that originate from the Shonen Jump magazine but, not all franchises are represented by a playable character.

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