Junker and Junker Can's sprites in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story
Series Mario series
First game Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story
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Junker (called Super Ultra Great Mega Trashy Monster Junker Bot by Midbus) is a boss found in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story in the outside of Princess Peach's Castle. He is a trash monster-like boss with Junker Cans allying him in the battle.



Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

In Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, Junker makes his first and latest appearance as a trash monster on whom Mario and Luigi fight. When Mario and Luigi reach a certain part on the outside of Princess Peach's Castle, they will find lots of trash around along with Junker being broken apart. Afterwards, Midbus appears with a remote control and Junker jumps out of the pile of trash it was lying and springs to life. Midbus tries to use the controller to work Junker, but won't work for him so Midbus just allows him to fight on his own and smashes the controller in his hand.

His attacks consist of:

  • One of Junker's attack consists of throwing a bucket other either Mario or Luigi's head with either Bro. moving while Junker causes a Thwomp to fall on either ones head unless Mario or Luigi dodge it by jumping when the Thwomp gets ready to attack. If they get hit Thwomp, they might get dizzy.
  • Another one of Junker's attacks consist of Junker throwing a small and big metal ball at Mario or Luigi and they must dodge it by jumping one both, then Junker will attempt to ram it so the Bros. must jump over Junker as he attempts to attack them.
  • Another one of Junker's attacks consist Junker emptying a Junker Can which contain either of the three enemies, Cheep-Cheep, Bob-omb, or Scutlet. Cheep-Cheeps apparently jump over a Mario Bro. so the Mario Bros. do nothing. The Bob-omb will have a lit fuse when charging at either, and the Scutlet will immediately charge at either Bro. The Junker Cans might also contain useless stuff such as paper or a pair of briefs. Once Junker is done using the Junker Can, he will throw it away and it will be out of the battle.
  • Junker's final attack consists of incapacitating Luigi and throwing him in a Junker Can. Since this attack cannot be dodged, Mario will have to defeat the Junker Can that contains Luigi and free him. Luigi may eventually hit the rim on the Junker Can and escape and if Luigi isn't freed, Mario will get a Game Over.


  • Junker X and Bowser X are the only bosses that aren't in Bowser's body that can be fought in The Gauntlet.

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