Kaitlin is a little girl from Shadowgate 64: Trials of the Four Towers who drowned near the Trials Tower while looking for her missing slippers. The first was found and held on to by her grandfather. The main character, Del Cottonwood, can find the second one in a pile of trash in the excavation area  where Geran, the coin collector, can be found. When returning both of her slippers, she'll head back to her grandfather at the Disciples' Tower. In return, he will give Del the Stone of Thirst.


  • When approaching a rocking horse in the room where Kaitlin's grandfather is and pressing "A" in front of it will cause it to rock with the sound effect of a girl's laugh (assumed to be Kaitlin's) in the background. The strange thing is that this still happens while she is missing. So, who is laughing?