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The Kamegoro Maker is a boss created by Dr. Wily and an invisible machine in Mega Man 3. It creates Kamegoros.


Mega Man 3

The Kamegoro Maker will create a Kamegoro. It cannot be damaged by shooting it, just like the Wily Machine No. 9 and the unnamed boss, Spike Shooters in Mega Man 9 as they can only be damaged by their own weapon. Mega Man should try to determine where the whirlpool will come out. A Shadow Blade will kill the Kamegoros quickly.

Captain N: The Game Master

The Kamegoro Maker is grey and its Kamegoros appear to look like snapping turtles. It only appeared in A Tale of Two Dogs. They are called Turtle Robots.


In the Mega Man Tiger Electronics game, Mega Man 3, Kamegoros are called Turtles.

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