Kart Fighter
KartFighter TitleScreen
Developer(s) Cony Soft
Publisher(s) Cony Soft
Release date(s) CH Mid-1990s
Genre(s) Fighter
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Kart Fighter is a pirated game for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Instead of being a direct port of the Super NES game Super Mario Kart, it is a fighter based on the game.


Kart Fighter features eight different characters from the Mario series to choose from. Note that the characters available in this game are exactly the same as the ones in Super Mario Kart. Characters that weren't copyrighted by Nintendo retained their original names.

KartFighter Characters

The character select screen.


  • On the cloud stage where the player fights against Peach, the music that plays in the background is an unofficial remix of Koopa Beach from the official game Super Mario Kart.