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Kazumi Totaka
Kazumi Totaka
Nationality Japanese
Position Composer, Voice Actor
Kazumi Totaka is the voice actor for Yoshi, Professor E. Gadd, and even the Pikmin from the Pikmin series. He's also a music composer for many Nintendo games, most notably Animal Crossing, and Mario Paint, and most of the music from the Wii Channel Menu and 3DS menu. In 2008, Kazumi Totaka directed the Wii game Wii Music.

The character K.K. Slider (Totakeke) in Animal Crossing is based on him. He will even play Totaka's Song on request (as "K.K. Song").


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Totaka's Song

See main article: Totaka's Song

In many Nintendo games where Kazumi Totaka has been a sound/music composer, he has inserted a very simple song in random places that has come to be known as Totaka's Song. It has appeared in most of the games that Kazumi Totaka has worked on, including Mario Paint, The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, Luigi's Mansion, and Animal Crossing.

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